The Journal of Electronic Publishing welcomes articles from scholars and practitioners in the field. Scholarly articles will be subject to peer review under the usual procedures; other articles are typically invited, although authors are welcome to suggest topics. Good ideas are always appreciated.

JEP is also interested in creating an archive of articles that cover electronic publishing. We will happily consider articles or conference papers that may have appeared elsewhere. Of course, authors must hold the copyright or get permission from the copyright holder to allow publication in JEP.

Each article should include:

  • The e-mail address of the author to which readers can write if different from the e-mail address to be used by JEP's editors.
  • A narrative biography of each author, of no more than 125 words, not a vita or resume. That is, it should be in sentences and paragraphs, and it would be nice if it were more original than "The Author was born at a very young age in a log cabin which he helped his father build..."
  • An abstract of your article. Make it snappy, not sappy: this is what will entice readers to jump in to your wonderful prose. Abstracts can be any length, but should never be longer than the article itself.
  • The URL of the author's personal home page, the URLs of Web sites of author's project or university department, or the URL of promotions for the author's books, software, etc. This is your opportunity for shameless self-promotion

In addition, all links to reference sources, examples, etc., should be checked twice.

Footnotes and references: The Journal of Electronic Publishing uses The Chicago Manual of Style.

The Journal of Electronic Publishing (JEP) is pleased to partner with IFLA's Section on Acquisition and Collection Development on the publication of the proceedings of the IFLA Satellite Meeting "Libraries and Publishers: Building A Global Community. A publication of Michigan Publishing, JEP, now in it's twentieth year, is an important forum for exploring and discussing developments in digital publishing. JEP welcomes conference presenters to submit a version of the presentation for inclusion in the proceedings issue, which we anticipate publishing in early 2017.

Your submission may take the form of:
  • A slide deck with an extended abstract for inclusion in the proceedings issue
  • Your conference remarks in written form
  • A formal article developed from your presentation. You have the option of requesting a second peer review for formal article submissions.
  • A video of the presentation, with an extended abstract to represent the presentation in text. In all cases, the publication will be linked to a video of the presentation, presuming the presenter has given permission for video.
Publication in JEP in no way precludes pursuing other IFLA conference publication opportunities.  For example, you are most welcome to submit to the IFLA Institutional Repository, and also the IFLA Journal could be a site for a full-length, footnoted scholarly article.  For more information, contact ACD Chair Ann Okerson ( The conference organizers encourage you to pursue the publication opportunities that best meet your needs.
While the majority of JEP issues are focused around a theme and tied to a specific Call For Papers, we have been known to occasionally publish potpourri issues comprised of unsolicited scholarly articles. If you have a paper idea or a manuscript you think we should consider but don't feel it fits an open call, this is where you'll want to submit your materials.
Not only are we interested in publishing reviews of books covering topics relevant to the publishing industry, were also looking for smart assessment of websites, digital projects, and other web resources. Use this form to propose a review or submit a draft review.